A team with a high level of competence
Broker Pilot is Your Proactive Control of The Dealing Desk
The all-in-one real-time multi-server platform for risk management, monitoring and business
intelligence used in financial brokerage.
Broker Pilot is an excellent tool
to perform these tasks!
In the modern broker company dealing is an IT-infrastructure with hi-tech processes, in which multiple distributed components interact. The market fluctuations of volatility, triggering mass orders, growth in the number of trading instruments and active traders and indicator monitoring constitute huge data flows. The information distribution speed and its volumes are constantly growing and have already reached such a level that a person is unable to timely and adequately react to the current changes and events. And in order to ensure that risk management of the company had the necessary time to react to rising threats. Evidently, to make correct decisions it is necessary to have the latest information. Broker Pilot is an excellent tool to perform these tasks!

The arrangement of a management system, the implementation of operation analytics, the application of decision-making automation - all these factors are vital for the successful operation of a company, especially in the brokerage business. Broker Pilot is designed to perform these tasks and is actively developing and expanding its functions and improving the quality of provided services. We offer this product to brokerage companies, which are interested in the further development of their business and in the enhancement of the technical level of their dealing systems.

Other Products
Our product range includes a copy trading solution, a quotes service and several utility
programs for MetaQuotes MT4.
Quotes Service
Our price data feed service is an excellent source of your historical market data and live data feed for your Trading View widgets. Using API, our price data feed service is sourcing and storing direct market data feeds from MT4/MT5 or your proprietary trading platform and delivering streaming tick-by-tick data for Trading View widgets. The service includes the storage and retrieval of historical data, providing a very efficient and cost-effective trading strategy backtesting facility for brokers' clients.

Documented API
API requests are properly documented and provided with the software.

Easy Data Integration
Brokers only need to plug into our API to access all data.

Basic Instrument Reference Data
Trading instrument reference data including session hours, etc.

Historical Tick Data
Tick-by-tick data is available for any historical time frame.

Proprietary Trading Platforms
Brokers' proprietary platforms as own source of quotes flow are supported.

TradingView Widgets
Trading View API is fully supported to provide market data feed for widgets on the broker's website.

Copy Trading
Our copy trading solution provides your traders with a positive copy trading experience. Recently released stats shows that copy trading platforms' brokers are 40% more profitable than traditional spread betting brokers.

Increase Your Traders' Lifetime-value
Our solution makes your clients more engaged and data shows on average they trade better.

Source of New Leads for Your Sales Team
Clients can copy master accounts, bringing the exciting world of trading to a new level.

Utility Software
In order to help brokers with their daily routine operations, we developed a range of utility programs that can be leveraged to save time and perform specific operations with trading server MetaQuotes MT4.

Correction of The Trading Account History
This utility program helps brokers make necessary corrections to the historical trades of the trading account in MT4.

Candlestick History File
This utility program helps brokers preparing a candlestick history file in the MT4 trader's terminal format.

Candlestick History Technology Data Center
This utility program helps uses the Data Center technology of candlestick charts history creation for MT4.

Connection To Brokers Via API and Via FIX protocol
We have the expertise of connecting to the brokers via APIs with an aim to trade. Connections via Fix protocol.
About Us
IndigoSoft LTD. has a staff of highly-qualified specialists working in the finance and e-commerce industries. During more than 18 years in the industry, we have honed our vast experience and skills to create high-quality products and improve the technologies our partners need most. Collectively, all these factors place us among the industry's top players.

A professional team, a high level of automation, and the use of test code allow us to remain consistent and efficient as we work towards our objectives, and the results are unfailingly high-quality software products.
Core Statements
Our goal is to give clients access to smart software solutions that can help grow their
e-commerce business.

We are absolutely positive that only companies using advanced technologies are able to compete successfully in the market and develop dynamically.

Great expertise in the industry allows us to create customer-oriented software solutions that enjoy the highest level of demand in the market.

Our Focus: Big-data and Machine-learning
We always pay close attention to the ability of our products to hold up to high workloads and quickly but effectively process large amounts of data. We are no strangers to the need to ensure system productivity in real-time by processing received information (for example, market quotes for brokers). We have an ample amount of experience in the implementation of reliable scalable systems thanks to our use of trusted models including MapReduce, HDFS, and relational databases scaling systems, and our use of NoSQL databases (Hadoop, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, Tarantool), and cluster solutions.
High Load Systems
When creating high-loading scalable systems, our first step is to estimate their economic value and effectiveness, and then select architectural patterns that are tried and tested, simple, and featuring a sophisticated optimization plan.
We study and use computer-aided technologies that streamline data analysis and the generation of predictive models. Your business can reach new heights thanks to a more effective use of the collected data of the company.
Your trust in us is fundamental to building a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. We, therefore, guarantee the complete confidentiality of your data and follow even the strictest requirements and information security standards that our clients and partners might have.
Our Focus: E-commerce and Web Applications
In e-commerce, we create systems that service business processes and enhance our clients' competitive edge. We have lived through a wealth of experiences in the creation of online trading sites and platforms, including ready-to-use brokerage software, solutions for the accumulation, processing, and predictive analysis of data arrays such as stock exchange trading reports for futures and options contracts, and the connection of different systems to the quotations of liquidity providers with the use of communication lines through stock exchange access gateways using FIX and FAST (protected, real-time data exchange protocols). Also, we develop plugins and applications for
Metatrader MT4 and MT5 platforms.
Online Platforms and Web Portals
We have many years of experience developing various types of web applications, from large web portals to small startup websites. Taking into account how rapidly the Internet develops, we actively invest in the latest technologies.
Data Mining and Analysis
When it comes to statistics, forecasting, and intellectual data processing, we use modern mathematical and statistical analysis methods and data clustering, and we also develop algorithms to process them in order to find the proper solutions for your business.
Responsive Design
In most cases, people have to interact with software solutions, so we pay the closest attention we can to creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface. We also take care to make the end user's experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.
Why Choose Us
Everyday we work hard to make brokers' business more profitable.
High Quality
We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. We provide out-of-the-box, tried and tested solutions but always walk the extra mile if customization is needed.
Technical Support 24/7
Our tech experts are always ready to answer your questions. You can get in touch with us at the weekends and at night whether it's Skype, Slack, Telegram or email.
Experience & Expertise
All our professionals have more than 17 years of software development. They have advanced degrees in technical fields.
Individual Approach
Our company works according to the principle of an individual approach to every client. This method lets us get success in problems of all levels.
Professional Skills
The excellent knowledge we have of the industry was acquired during many years of experience in the development of software solutions in the financial sector. Because of this, we can represent the needs of the companies operating in this field in the most accurate way possible. We have developed and now possess a lot of know-how and technologies that help us create efficient solutions and use them to grow your business within the shortest possible time.
E-Commerce Software
20+ years
Web Applications
20+ years
High Load Systems
20+ years
Fin Instruments & Analysis
20+ years
When it comes to our software performance, we are always ready to provide our partners with outstanding support and service. Partners of IndigoSoft LTD. are guaranteed to receive up to date software updates and technical support. We use a ticketing software to convert every email our team receives into tickets, and then we prioritize, track and follow-up on customer requests from one place.

Beyond the fact that IndigoSoft LTD. develops a turnkey solution that already has everything you need to start a brokerage with effective risk management, we admit that every company has its own needs in customization. We can tailor our suit to your individual needs including the connection of your proprietary trading platform.
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    What are we most interested in?
    We develop trading systems and platforms for the finance and e-commerce industries. We are experienced in developing IT systems for brokerage companies and investment funds, and also in connecting to different liquidity providers and electronic stock exchange gateways, including the integrated software of third-party trading platforms. Our interests include big-data processing, machine-learning, and high-loading system development. We are also always excited to gain experience in areas that are newer to us.
      Would you develop custom-built software?
      We have many years of experience contributing to software development projects, from SCADA systems to WEB applications, which allows us to succeed in creating efficient products not just for in-house and out-of-the-box solutions, but for the development the new ones. To minimize risks and costs, we use modern methods (Agile) that grant the customer full control at the earliest stages of product development.
        What methods do we use?
        We use modern Agile methods that help us deliver different product versions to our clients and receive frequent feedback within the shortest possible time. Compulsory code coverage with test scenarios solves the problem of how to save high-quality software regardless of the issues it might face.
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